Become a Tutor

reasons-tutorThank you for choosing to become a tutor with InstantTutor! We are always looking for highly qualified tutors with a passion for helping students succeed in school. Becoming a tutor with us is a great opportunity to earn extra income. It is an excellent option for college students and retired teachers who need a flexible job.

Tutors at InstantTutor enjoy the following perks:

• Choosing when you tutor, which can be different every day
• Earning money while working from home or anywhere else with high-speed Internet access
• Keeping or gaining teaching skills
• Helping students without the need to develop lesson plans
• Making a difference in the lives of young people

Applying to InstantTutor

Becoming an online tutor is easy. You must complete an online application which is available on this site. Before you apply, make sure you meet the following qualifications:

• Have a valid Social Security Number, Social Insurance Number, or other government-issued personal identifier
• Be able to tutor at least 5 hours each week
• Be a verifiable expert in the subject and at the grade level you expect to tutor
• Are comfortable tutoring within an online environment
• Can explain subject concepts to students of different ages
• Must be at least in your third year of college, although a college degree is required for most subjects

You may be required to complete a writing sample and subject exam. If those are deemed successful, you must then complete a mock tutoring session so we can assess your online tutoring skills. Finally, we will conduct a thorough background check before you can tutor. Most tutors are approved within 2 weeks.