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Study Tips for Students with Learning Disabilities Preparing for a Test

Students with a learning disability need explicit as well as all-embracing instructions in the best study strategies. The right strategies will lead to success in school and beyond while poor study strategies will only lead to disappointment and frustration. It is well known that children with a learning disability find it hard to study properly.…
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Tips for Parents to Help with Science Homework

Many parents are not comfortable helping their children with homework, especially in subjects like math or science. Here are some great practical tips for struggling parents who want to help their children with science homework. These tips can improve the "homework-helping" experience for you and for your kids. Tip #1: Be Creative Creativity is fun.…
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Ways to Help Children Improve Math Test Scores

Math can be fun and scary at the same time. You have experienced it yourself when you were a kid and now it is time for your kids to feel the same excitement and dread. School requirements have changed over the years. So it can seem like a lot of responsibility on a parent to…
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